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EBIMS (Ethiopian BIM Society) is a team of talented professionals working hard to uplift Ethiopian construction industry through BIM(Building information modeling).
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About Us

Ethiopia BIM Society (EBIMS) is established in 2018 and we are a registered national-level not-for-profit organization in Ethiopia. We are glad to inform you that EBIMS is firmly moving ahead in spreading BIM awareness to the Ethiopian Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, governmental organizations, and academia with EBI reaching to the vast Ethiopian professionals. Our main aims are:

  • Foster an environment of open collaboration and communication with all the Ethiopian BIM community members.
  • Align the society with professional organizations focused on making BIM the standard.
  • Assist in any way possible to produce tangible working methodologies that allow BIM to develop as a standard.

EBIMS is for Ethiopia’s BIM technology, process, and policy field players. In simple terms, it is for all the BIM field players i.e. technology, policy, and process field players involved one or the other way in delivering BIM projects in the Ethiopian AEC industry.

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Clients to address With the growing construction industry of Ethiopia we have a lot to reach to both form private and public.

Projects to reach out There are many huge projects and we want to reach them as much as we can.

Professionals in the society More and more professionals are joining our society. We hope to grow fast in the coming few years.

Professionals to train Each year we have thousands join the industry and we would like to train and equip this professional with state of the art knowledge.

University BIM hubs

We are working to setup BIM hubs in different universities across Ethiopia to foster adoption and generation of potential man power to the industry.

Founding Members

The Founding Members is a group of individuals from across the world who bring their experience, organization, variety, and enthusiasm in BIM and the AEC Industry and give key heading for the society.

Mr Derege Alemu

Senior BIM Consultant

Mr Sileshi Tesema

Senior BIM Coordinator

Mr Fitsum Yonas

BIM Director

Mr Asgedom Haile


Mrs Kidasse Kefybelu


Mr Mahder G/Medhin


Ms Hirut Walelign

Structural Engineer| BIM Practitioner

Ms Haleluya Getachew


Ms Meron Eshetu

Architect/ BIM Practitioner

Mr Micheal


Mrs Hara Dagne


Ms Elizebeth

Project Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions about BIM

What is the main purpose of building information model?

BIM enables design and construction teams to leverage their technology investment to do much more. The BIM process supports creation and management of information across the life-cycle of an AEC project by federating all multi-disciplinary design and construction documentation into a common dataset.

How Can BIM be used on a building project?

By using BIM, you can plan and visualize the entire project during reconstruction, before the shovel hits the ground. Space-use simulations and 3D visualizations allow clients to experience what the space will look like offering the ability to make changes before construction start.

What is the difference between CAD and BIM?

CAD is typically used for industrial design of mechanical and electrical assemblies from airplanes to phones — while BIM is used exclusively in the design and construction of commercial buildings such as airports, office towers or schools and has more increasingly become the new industry standard.

Is BIM difficult?

Is BIM too complicated? BIM requires some training and changes the way you do things, but if you invest in BIM you upgrade your office to deliver projects faster and easier.

What is BIM Stage (According ISO 19650)?

Digital maturity stages in ISO 19650

With the publication of ISO 19650 (parts 1 and 2) in 2018, new regulatory scenarios have emerged at the international, EU, and individual State levels. Currently, this standard is the primary reference for all other existing standards.

Specifically, ISO 19650-1:2018 reproposes and actualizes the concept of BIM Maturity, with a schematization similar to the Bew-Richards triangle.

It essentially identifies 3 stages of BIM maturity:

BIM STAGE 1 in which 2D CAD deliverables and 3D BIM model (information models) are combined, meeting national regulatory requirements, for project management

BIM STAGE 2 in which the information models of the individual disciplines (structural, architectural, MEP systems, etc..), federated and meet international standards ISO 19650, ensuring the integrated management of the construction project

BIM STAGE 3 in which the structured database systems of the informative models, immediately interrogable, allow to impose the OPEN BIM as a project management system and of its subsequent commissioning.

In addition, activities of Asset management are envisaged, understood as a real estate asset, i.e. the system of real an /or virtual objects of a building.

Progressing from Stage 1 to 3, there is an increasing integration of data both at technological and information level.

In particular, Stage 2 data sharing is based on the exchange of models and files, while Stage 3 moves towards model management through structured platforms that enable the optimization of all BIM processes and direct model interrogation.

Is BIM costly?

There are a number of direct costs associated with BIM, which can affect all members of the design and project teams. These include:The salary premium of employing personnel trained in BIM software. The training of existing personnel, The cost of the software etc..

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EBIMS | Ethiopian BIM Society

We are a group of professionals gathered to empower and manage the reception and execution of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry across Ethiopia.

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